This guide provides over 60 different lessons in all curricular topics for children in the first year of
Primary class between roughly the ages of 2 1/2 and 3 1/2.  

This material has been created for parents who want to help their children learn at home using the
Montessori method.  Each section of the binder provides a detailed explanation of a single classroom
exercise, starting with how to make or find the equipment and then leading you through each step
of the exercise.

We show you how to use what you have at home to create a fulfilling and exciting learning
environment for your children.  Teachers and daycare providers will also find this material amazingly
useful for creating a Montessori classroom curriculum on a budget in a traditional classroom setting
or in a home-based setup.

One of the most important teaching aids for a Montessori teacher is this teaching album.  It is a
compilation of everything they have learned to teach during their Montessori teacher training course.
We provide you with the step by step exercises and explanations that comprise this invaluable
teaching tool!  

In this album, we cover topics such as:

  • Brain development material including Sensorial and Practical Life presentations that provide
    hand-eye coordination development along with sensory development, preparing your child for
    math and reading later on.

  • Quantity-based math presentations, so your child develops a solid foundation in numerals and
    the basis for the decimal system.

  • Letter sound based reading skills that allow your child to quickly gain advanced reading skills.

  • Grace and courtesy presentations for simple social situations, allowing you to guide your child
    in the formation of his or her social skills that will be invaluable as he or she enters school and
    the world.

  • Practical Life exercises that develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination working with an
    array of new and exciting material that you can make at home.

  • Brain building sensorial exercises ranging from introduction of shapes, colors, patterns,
    sorting, and decision-making.

  • Large and small motor coordination skills to help guide your child's overall development.

  • Tips for helping your child stay active and fit during the school day

  • Learn how to make DIY equipment at home for some important materials

  • Learn how to create a Montessori learning environment at your home
Montessori Teaching Album for Primary One (PreK)
Ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2

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