Our Montessori teaching curriculum has been developed by our experienced Montessori House
teachers for parents to use at home.

This teaching album for infants shows you how to use Montessori with your child from the start,
giving your infant a wonderful platform for brain and body development that nurtures his or her
creativity, developing intellect, and overall growth and development.

We also help you steer away from common mistakes that parents and teachers frequently make in
their attempts to help infants in their development and growth.

Whether you are a Montessori teacher looking for fresh ideas or a parent interested in using
Montessori at home, this is a great source of information and sharing with experienced teachers and

Our infant curriculum covers such topics as:

  • How do set up your home for your newborn or young infant so that he or she has the best
    possible environment to nurture mental and physical growth

  • What types of learning equipment you should use at each stage of your infant's development

  • At what age it is optimal to introduce mobiles, rattles, books, simple toys, language, and pre-

  • How to prepare your child for language and expression before he or she can speak

  • Language skills combined with tactile exercises to engage multiple intelligences during your
    child's Sensitive Period for Language

  • How you can help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination which are key
    to everything from life skills to writing and math

  • How to use Montessori equipment designed especially for infants and young toddlers

  • How you can modify your home environment quickly and easily to improve your child's learning
    and experiences on an every day basis.

  • DIY instructions for lots of expensive Montessori equipment.

Price $39
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