Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beginning Language and Reading Equipment: Basic Requirements for Homeschool

For those of you facing budget constraints, we wanted to put together a bare bones list for the first year of Primary school which covers ages three to four.

Language and Reading Basic Materials List:

1. Sand Tray
2. Sandpaper Letters
3. Movable Alphabet Letters
4. Word Cards
5. Double Sandpaper Letters (with phonograms)
6. Phonogram Cards
7. Metal Insets with paper and colored pencils
8. Three-lined writing paper
9. Pencils, erasers, and pencil holders
10. Basic picture and word books
11. Beginning reading books including fact books about interesting and stimulating topics such as bugs, animals, vehicles, places, people, and more.

Those of you who have purchased our Montessori Teaching Album for Prekindergarten to Kindergarten can follow along with all the lessons if you make most of the equipment at home.


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